Raymond Isibor

  • Visual Artist
  • lagos, Nigeria

Instagram @Raywithapen

Raymond Isibor is a Mixed Media Visual artist, born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a graduate of the University of Lagos. He creates his artworks using traditional pen and ink which are processed digitally to make canvases and then subsequently layered with acrylic paint. His style is a contemporary mix of lines, colors, illustrations, and symbols in an intricate doodle-like abstraction. His artworks explore thoughts on Gender Equality, Black Excellence, African futurism, Religious and socio-political issues. Raymond's works are deeply inspired by the African culture and his immediate environment.

Artist statement
My Artworks take a critical view of socio-political, religious and cultural issues, often referencing the African culture.

The African culture is beautiful, vibrant and energetic which I try to portray with my artworks evident in the use of color and symbolism in my Artworks.

In my Artworks, I fuse both traditional and digital mediums to express my thoughts and ideas on contemporary African society.

With my Artworks, I intend to show the beauty in the African culture.


The Maker Lab, Edition 3: Ije Group

The African Artist’s Foundation Lagos